When my good friend Jonas visited Gothenburg in June 2019, we spent some quality time visiting our favorite places, trying out a ramen restaurant, and in general having a great time!

The results of his trip were plenty of rolls of 120 and 220 slide film, some black, and white, and a single 120 roll of color negative film.

I was also acting as his personal lab technician at this time, and I had the E6 and black and white chemicals at home, so I was fully capable of developing 99.9% of his rolls with one exception — that ^^ roll of 120 format Lomography Colour Negative 400, which I intended to send to a lab for development!

It happened that Jonas’ trip was around early fall 2019 when we were in the middle of moving from a big house with a big garden to an apartment in the city. After 20+ years of living in that house a lot of things ended up being collected so we had a massive job sorting things in order to know what to keep and what to throw away. In the meantime, that roll of Lomography film just sat in my fridge awaiting development.

Then one day, when it was time to empty the kitchen, I took out the Lomography roll, put it in my jacket pocket, and forgot about it…

Fast forward to mid-October when we moved into the new apartment, moving boxes everywhere but we had some idea where things were and I started asking myself where that Lomography went because I couldn’t find it in the fridge where I stored the rolls I was waiting to develop. I messaged Jonas and told him the bad news that I probably lost the roll and he thankfully understood my situation and said that it was ok.

Around December 2019 the apartment finally looked livable and just as a curiosity I looked in my inner jacket pocket and found the missing roll.

So, at the beginning of January 2020, I traveled to my local photo lab and sent the roll to be developed!

So to sum up things:

Keep a record where you put your undeveloped rolls or even better develop your rolls before a big move because otherwise things very easily get lost!

On a personal note:

Many things changed since Jonas’ 2019 Gothenburg visit and I am happy I got to spend quality time with him before a virus shut down the world in 2020 and made a huge mess. Thanks for reading,

~ Sina

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