Adam Scott, the Barcelona-based founder of specialty film brand dubblefilm has just announced the launch of what Star Wars purists might call “despecialized” editions of their film stocks. Called dudubblefilm DAILY and presented in ISO 400 35mm color and black & white versions, the films are available from dudubblefilm’s website and selected retailers now.

According to Adam, the DAILY range is:

…designed to offer an alternative to the specialty range of films we produce. All-round color and black & white 400 speed films suitable for all shooting conditions; and they go perfectly with the SHOW camera that tends to require a faster film.

As noted above, both films are ISO 400, with the colour version coming in a 27 exposure 35mm version and the black and white version coming in a 36 exposure 35mm version. They retail for €10 and €6 per roll respectively.

Let’s take a look at some samples. First, DAILY Color:

According to dubblefilm, DAILY Color provides “Neutral, clean tones and perfect for any shooting condition! Our Daily range is not DX coded so electric cameras will rate it at 100 speed. We have tested it thoroughly and results at 100 are really good.”

Check out these three examples here shot at EI 100:

The meaning above behind “electric” cameras relates to point and shoots, which primarily default to ISO 100 when non-DX labeled film is used.

About DAILY Black & White, dubblefilm say the film has, “soft and clean black and white tones you will absolutely love it!”. Samples follow:

As with the colour version, DAILY Black & White is not DX coded. Again, as a result, most point and shoot cameras requiring DX coding like those in this exhaustive point and shoot camera comparison, will default to ISO 100.

Also as with DAILY Color, dubblefilm state they have tested the film thoroughly and, “results at 100 are really good.” (Image credits to Adam, Carla and Dimitri)

My 2¢: I’ll definitely be getting a few rolls to try out, and while the colour version feels like it might be limited use for me (at the moment) the black and white version feels like it could be a very interesting choice indeed!

Your thoughts in the comments below, please.

~ EM

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  1. Aren’t their films Kodak Gold or something that’s been altered? Wouldn’t that mean that this is just a more expensive rebrand of films we already have available?