We’re happy to announce the latest project by past interivewee and friend of EMULSIVE, Nils Karlson: Earth Stands Still.
Nils’ interview remains as one of my personal favorites, so when he mentioned that he was working on a self-published photo book, I jumped at the chance to offer help.
Well, after two years of preparation, Nils officially launched the crowdfunding campaign for Earth Stands Still on October 1st via Indiegogo. Read on for more.

Earth Stands Still - Spine
Earth Stands Still – Spine
Earth Stands Still - Spine
Earth Stands Still – Spine

Presented as a 25cm x 20cm (a little smaller than 8“x10“) hardcover book, Earth Stand Still  features 40 photos spread over 80 pages and is accompanied by written contributions from Brian Richman, Marie Westerbom, and the author himself.
Printed on matte Mundoplus Recycling offset paper at a highly eco-certified facility in Germany, Earth Stands Still invites the reader on a journey into the silence of Nils Karlson’s minimal, elegant, and often abstract seascapes.

Earth Stands Still - Spread
Earth Stands Still – Spread
Earth Stands Still - Spread
Earth Stands Still – Spread

The story of the book is based on the concept of Bardo, as described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Bardo can be translated as “intermediate state”, originally describing the state of existence between two earthly lives, a state of transcendence, a concept of existence without beginning or end.
This translates directly into the photos of the author: Silent and vast spaces, where the eye can wander without obstacles.

Earth Stands Still - Spread
Earth Stands Still – Spread
Earth Stands Still - Spread
Earth Stands Still – Spread

Several editions of the book are available: A Standard Edition (€30), a Print Edition (€70), and a Print Edition – Deluxe (€120) in a total of 100 copies
Every copy of Earth Stands Still will be signed and numbered, and the name of every backer will be mentioned in a special thank you list in the book.

Earth Stands Still - Spread
Earth Stands Still – Spread
Earth Stands Still - Spread
Earth Stands Still – Spread

All photos in the book were exposed on Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Portra 160, Fuji Pro 160NS and Fuji Pro 400H film, using Mamiya RB67, Mamiya 6, and Zero Image 2000 cameras.
For more information and photos, feel free to follow the links:
Support the project on Indiegogo – www.indiegogo.com/projects/earth-stands-still-a-photo-book
Visit Nils’ Facebook page – www.facebook.com/clicksinsilence
Find Nils on Instagram – www.instagram.com/nils.karlson
Nils on Flickr – www.flickr.com/photos/nils_karlson
You can also read more about Nils at his EMULSIVE interview, his interview over at Pinholista, or over at On Film.

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  1. My dearest people,
    I am excited to announce that after less than 48 hours in the funding stage, we already exceeded the goal, which means:
    Earth Stands Still will become reality!
    Due to your support, the book will be printed!
    I would like to thank everyone who backed the funding, shared it, talked about it… you are amazing! People from all over the world placed pre-orders: Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Italy, Jersey(!), Iceland(!!), Qatar(!!!), and Republic Of Korea(!!!!)
    There are some people I know personally, and many more people I have not met or whom I do not know via social media. This is amazing, I really do appreciate this!
    Please note, the campaign is still running until November 5th, and at present there are copies of some of various editions still available – better hurry, before I sell out:
    Standard Edition – 31 copies left
    Print Edition. Long Exposure – 3 copies left
    Print Edition. ICM – 9 copies left
    Print Edition. Pinhole – 7 copies left
    Every new pre-order is very welcome, and your name will be mentioned in the Thank You list in the book, too!
    So again – thank you for making this happen!