Anyone who has seen my blog, or followed me on Twitter will know that I love to shoot a wide variety of film stocks either fresh or expired. But if I was only allowed to shoot one roll of colour for the rest of my days then it would have to be Fuji Reala 100.
Sadly Fuji in their wisdom decided to discontinue this wonderful stock back in 2012, which seems to be a horrible trend on their part. The best thing about Reala for me is how it renders the Greens, even when the sun isn’t shining the greens have a lovely warm feel unlike other Fuji films that seem to have a slightly colder look in my opinion.

It has quite a wide latitude giving detail in the shadows while not blowing out the highlight also the grain is extremely fine and give great sharpness especially in 120 format.
I would recommend this film to anyone who can still get their hands on it, I have been steadily buying up as much as I can especially if it has been stored well as all the expired rolls that I have shot still work well at box speed of 100 ISO.
~ Tim Dobbs

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