With time passing, I’m getting more and more a taste for the point and shoot. I’m not sure if this is just a phase but having a camera easy to carry around and operate has been helping to take better pictures.

Their simplicity has been helping me to focus on the essential: composition.

In this exercise, the little Praktica CX-2 (a.k.a. Cosina CX-2) has been the perfect companion. This is the ancestor of the LOMO LC-A but the lens is different. Instead of the wide-angle, it has a more conventional 35mm that opens at f/3.5. You can adjust the aperture, distance scale for focusing, set your ISO and that’s about it.

During a recent trip to Bilbao, Spain, I went for the mandatory visit to the Guggenheim museum and thought that the contrast of the Street Candy ATM400 would work great with all the textures it has to offer. I exposed the roll at 400 ISO and relied on the camera meter to take care of the exposure, which in the end did a fine job especially on the indoors shots.

From around the museum to its main hall, here are my 5 Frames taken with Street Candy Film:

Until recently, I would not even bother looking at cheap point and shoot cameras but this new experience has opened my mind to what really matters. A camera that makes you want to shoot more is a camera that works for you.

I hope this will give you taste for Street Candy and try simpler cameras!

~ Vincent Moschetti

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