I got a sample roll of Kodak VISION3 250D (5207) as a roll of “SFL K250D”. This kind of film is manually converted to 120 format by Sreda Film Lab from fresh VISION3 250D (5207) 65mm cine film.

The shoot was a kind of trial… I’ve never used this kind of film before. The Pentax 645 was new travel camera for me. So I was taking each picture not so fast. Earlier I dealt with other medium format cameras but not with this one.

I used Volna-3 2,8/80 lens (modified to use on Pentax 645 cameras). For some reason, this lens required twice more operations. The roll of film I got was one of the first experimental rolls but… the days at the beginning of spring were full of sunlight. Blooming cherry and plum flowers were so attractive. Every flowering tree was buzzing with bees. Pines were rustling from the light wind. It seemed the silence of nature was not interrupting but was complementing by infrequent sounds.

In this particular case, I mentioned a large number of shades of green. Also, I like the color of the blue sky. The film contains enough detail in lights and shadows and it was an interesting experience.

The roll was shot at ISO 200 within a few hours before and after noon. Then it was developed in ECN-2 chemistry and scanned. The pictures almost don’t need color correction; they were just cropped and scaled. I think film perforation partially present on frames does not spoil the pictures.

~ Sergey

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