I’ve been shooting film for more than 10 years, with some pause when I preferred to be in front of the lens, not behind it. I can say more than 60% of my photos are shot with “cheap” film rolls or expired films. I shoot with cheap Fuji and Kodak film – mainly because I haven’t won the lottery and in the cities where I’ve lived before, it was impossible to find other films. I’m also not a big fan of on-line shopping.

One of my favorite films is Kodak Gold, this incredible film offers high sharpness capabilities for a relatively low price, provides natural, saturated, rich colors and also has a subtle, playful grain that gives a “Kodak vintage look” of my photographs.

When my soul-friends came to visit me, they gave me lots of Kodak Gold rolls from Munich, where film rolls are more cheaper than in here in Barcelona – here it’s kinda difficult to find cheap films.

I shot these frames with my Pentax Asahi Spotmatic II and Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 50mm f/1.4. Most of the pictures from this film roll was shooting at The Bunkers of Caramel, one of my favorite spots in BCN. The viewpoint from which I can see the whole city helps me to know the city better, even if I still get lost on the streets every day in every way. I love to discover and explore, not only the visual and landscape, but the whole world around me.

I’m the type of person who gets lost on the streets, but if I have the analog camera with me, I can easily find myself. I shoot places and people in natural moods, spontaneous, which awakens in me a sentiment of belonging.

~ Madalina

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Madalina Chilici

I'm a visual explorer. You meet me most of the time on the streets,- there is my studio. On the streets I participate on the scene, I'm connected with the world, meeting and seeing new places and people, which I capture on the film roll.With film rolls I give...

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