First of all, I’m not a great master photographer, it’s just a lot of fun and has been for over 30 years, with a break of several years and a digital phase in between. My motto is WISIWYG, What I See Is What You Get. On a beautiful sunny morning in late November 2019, I went on a photo tour with my Rollei 35TE, which I had loaded with a Washi F X-ray film.

I walked the same path I had walked already countless times before — ok, with a little interesting detour. Although, my home isn’t as spectacular as anywhere else or perhaps I don’t see it anymore, because I’ve been here for so long time.

It was my second roll of film with the Rollei 35TE and it’s Tessar 40mm f/3.5 lens and my first time the Washi F. For aperture I generally choose f/5.6 so I could also test how good I am in estimating the distance. Changing the aperture is a bit notchy at my example. I don’t know if it affects the whole series. But nevertheless, I like this little of full-frame camera.

On my tour, I actually found some motifs that I had not already scanned X times before and the sun was still so beautiful deep. I love backlight. I was definitely looking forward to the results. You don’t have an x-ray film every day in the camera.

I developed the film at home in Tetenal Ultrafin right after breakfast. I let it dry and got it under the scanner.

After watching the first scans in the preview, I was thrilled. Yes, the film is very coarse-grained, especially for an ISO 100 film but I now love the coarse-grain feel. It’s the smooth digital photography I don’t like anymore. If this film would be available in ISO 400 it could be my favourite.

~ Olaf

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I'm a hobby photographer who has been pursuing this for a long time. I really started in the mid-1980s, when I got my first and especially my second SLR camera, a Minolta X-300. It still serves me faithfully today. But then it went blow by blow, I discovered...


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  1. Yes Olaf. I too love backlight, and my photography stories is so similar. Keep enjoying.