Hey everyone! For those who know me – me and my family LOVE camping and caravanning. We’ve always done it as a family since the children have been around, and continue to enjoy it every year. We love to be outdoors, be together with our wider families and close friends, and just the feeling that even if we were 30 minutes away from home; it always felt like a holiday. Rain or shine, we love it – true British grit!

On this trip away, I wanted to take a camera but also wanted to travel pretty light as we’d be doing a good degree of walking. I’d recently purchased this little Olympus AF-1 point and shoot camera with its Olympus Zuiko 35mm f/2.8 for £18 off an auction site totally untested, along with 4x rolls of expired (2006) Kodak BW400CN C-41 process film so thought it would be great to take it on a test run!

I hadn’t used the camera before, nor tested any rolls through it, but fortunately the camera seemed to operate like a dream, or at least I say that in terms of visible function and on face value. All the buttons worked, the flash seemed to work and the AF lock seemed to work. Now was the time to run some film through it… how exciting!

So on our little weekend away and after loading some of my experimental Kodak BW400CN into it, I finally developed my shots with such a fantastic surprise…

They were really cool and came out much better than expected! Such cool shots of my son Harry and others in the woods which are full of deep contrast.

They are all kinda gritty and grainy but have loads of deep contrast and suit my taste rather well!

Fortunately because this is C-41 compatible film, I developed these negatives in Bellini Monopart C-41 chemistry and scanned them on my old school Konica Minolta Dualscan III 35mm film scanner.

I hope you enjoy these images and if you have an AF-1 or BW400CN, get out and shoot it!

~ Kiel

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