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Film love: Shooting Kodak EKTACHROME Infrared EIR color infrared film

Give your friends memorable experiences that they will enjoy and remember you by, that's what I say.

Film stock review: Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X (5222) – 35mm format

EMULSIVE: By way of a quick preface, regular readers and followers of EMULSIVE-related ramblings on Twitter will be familiar with our Interview and Photographer's Daypack series should be familiar with Jonas Lundström.

Film stock review: Efke KB-25 in 35mm format

Shortly after opening the doors to EMULSIVE I kicked off a little #FILMSWAP project on Twitter.

EMULSIVE interview #5: I am Jonas Lundström and this is why...

Today I'm very happy to have the opportunity to interview the incredibly enthusiastic Sprocket-Shooting-Swede, Jonas Lundström! Jonas is a bit of a force of nature when it comes to experimenting with and talking about film and I'm looking forward to

The photographer's daypack part 3: Toy camera style

Well, it seems like we hit a nerve with Jonas Lundström and he's out for blood. With all the hubbub surrounding Holga Week 2015, he wrote in to complain softly ask why we haven't yet featured any "toy cameras".