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5 Frames… Of a Montreal Winter on Fuji Velvia 100 (120 format / EI 100 / Rolleicord Vb)

“Nice camera,” said a passing Montrealer as I looked up from the waist-level viewfinder of my Rolleicord Vb.  I’d just photographed their local depanneur (convenience store) in the Vieux-Rosemont neighbourhood of Montreal. I had sought out this depanneur specifically due to its big blue sign which jutted out of a residential building.  Fortunately for me, […]

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5 Frames… Around NYC’s Lower East Side on CineStill BwXX with the Konica C35MFD (35mm format / EI 250 / Hexanon 38mm f/2.8)

Last December, I was fortunate enough to take a solo trip to New York City after my semester finished up. I settled on staying in the Lower East Side, where I could easily walk to museums and other unique spaces without breaking a sweat. As a Canadian visiting NYC, I very much wanted to blend […]

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5 Frames… Along downtown Toronto’s Bathurst Street on CineStill 800T (EI 800 / 35mm Format / Canon EOS 10)

Every Torontonian or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World fan should have some familiarity with the colourful Bathurst Street. As someone who lives alongside northern Bathurst, I had always wondered how I could channel my inner Edgar Wright and explore the area with my camera. The opportunity arose in Winter 2020, when I had to finish […]