EMULSIVE interview #120: I am Dustin Veitch and this is why I shoot film

Probably known as much for his Analog Monthly blog posts, as he is for his silly Twitter name (what is a faulty flip flap, anyway?), I'm pleased to be able to finish of 2016's EMULSIVE interviews with the one and

EMULSIVE interview #116: I am Richard Pickup and this is why I shoot film

I'm hoping you remember today's interviewee from his wonderful contributed article discussing the importance and impact of effective visualisation for film photographers. If you haven't read it yet head on over, we'll wait. Back? Excellent.

EMULSIVE interview #113: I am Rory Earnshaw and this is why I shoot film

It's a little difficult to introduce today's interviewee without resorting to superlatives. I've tried and failed. What I will say is that his images evoke feelings of peace and serenity.

EMULSIVE interview #112: I am Corinne Perry and this is why I shoot film – NSFW

I'm delighted to bring you the work and words of Corinne Perry, a talented British film photographer with a particular motivation. There's much much more to delve into below, so I'll sign off until a bit later. Over to you

EMULSIVE interview #107: I am Scott Barman and this is why I shoot film – NSFW

Before you scroll on, please be aware that today's interview is decidedly Not Safe For Work. Just in case you need some space, the interview starts below. Scroll down when you're ready.     I'm sitting down with Scott D