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Tony holding Tony

EMULSIVE interview #185: I am Tony Vaccaro and this is why I shoot film

It’s impossible to understate Tony Vaccaro’s contribution to the 20th century, be it in his role as World War II combatant and documentarian, or his post-war work in fashion and portrait photography.

Apocalypse Mom

EMULSIVE interview #161: I am Ante Prskalo and this is why I shoot film

I’m very pleased to be able to bring you the words and pictures of Ante Prskalo, previous contributor to EMULSIVE and dabbler in strange things with Rodinal.
Over to you, Ante!
Hi Ante, what’s this picture, then?


Double Exposure Self Portrait With Olympus 35RC - October 2017. Hasselblad 500C with Agfa MCRC paper. Two bursts of four full power flashes from a Nikon SB800.

EMULSIVE interview #159: I am Toby Van de Velde and this is why I shoot film

Hello and welcome to another fresh EMULSIVE interview, today with Toby Van de Velde, freelance photographer based in the south of England.

"Untitled", Cabeça Gorda, Redondo, Portugal. Minolta X700, MD 50mm f1.7, loaded with Kodak T-MAX 400 exposed at EI 800 and developed in Kodak T-MAX developer. Printed on ILFORD MGIV FB Warmtone, developed in Kodak Dektol. Dektol in general seemed to produce a slightly warmer rendition.

Interview #158: I am Luis Barrancos and this is why I shoot film

Today’s interviewee hails from Portugal and is currently enjoying life in tropical Malaysia.


EMULSIVE interview #156: I am Matt Stoffel and this is why I shoot film

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! I’ve been waiting for today’s interviewee for a while (mostly my fault). Now he’s here, I’m going to zip it and hand over to him.

Leica M4-2, ILFORD HP5+, Albuquerque, NM

EMULSIVE interview #155: I am Dan Dao and this is why I shoot film

Today’s interviewee has been posting video reviews product, guides, manuals for film cameras, information on film stocks and all things analogue on Youtube since 2011 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Self - Instax Wide AF500, taken by Lotte Dale.

EMULSIVE interview #154: I am Raymond van Mil and this is why I shoot film

To my eye, there’s something special about portrait photographers. At the very least, photographers who take portraits. As readers will know, that particular photographic niche evades me with all its might.

Agfa Precisa CT 100

EMULSIVE interview #153: I am Yusuf Wiryonoputro and this is why I shoot film

I’m a huge fan of today’s interviewee, he’s responsible for some of the most beautiful slide film landscape photography posted on EMULSIVE this year through his two guest post on working with slide film and eliminating the infamous Fuji Velvia

FPP Retrochrome 320 - Minolta Maxumm 800SI - Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita, KS

EMULSIVE interview #151: I am Denise Grays and this is why I shoot film

Today’s interviewee is a stalwart of the Twitter film photography community and I’m so happy to be able to bring her interview to you today.

Print scan - Pentax ME Super - ILFORD HP5+

EMULSIVE interview #148: I am Ashley B Williams and this is why I shoot film

There’s a sense of good will and camaraderie in the film photography community that’s hard to beat.

Isabel Curdes - I 2017

EMULSIVE interview #147: I am Isabel Curdes and this is why I shoot film

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and in fact…that’s all I’m going to say about it.