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Dream camera: My experiences buying a Nikon F6 from Japan Camera...

Everyone has a dream camera. I have...well, a dream team: a set of cameras designed to meet specific needs and moods, from the small to large formats.

Camera review: Satisfying a 37 year dream… My first Nikon F3

I remember the Nikon F3 being expensive when it first came out in 1980. At the time, a new Nikon F3 with a 50mm lens cost about US$1,175 - that's about US$3,500 adjusted for inflation.

EMULSIVE's most popular film photographer interviews of 2017

It's day three of lazy post week here on EMULSIVE but there's nothing lazy about the folks featured in today's countdown.

Exclusive: Japan Camera Hunter talks to EMULSIVE about his new 35mm...

Much like everyone else out there watching the Camera Ventures / Japan Camera Hunter livestream on Friday, my ears pricked up when Bellamy Hunt announced he was working on a new 35mm compact film camera. As Kosmo Foto's Stephen Dowling

EMULSIVE interview #50: I am Bellamy Hunt and this is why...

Welcome to the first EMULSIVE interview of 2016, glad you stopped by! We've got some cracking interviewees lined up this year and we're hoping to start off with a bit of a bang, thanks to the one and only Bellamy