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EMULSIVE interview #113: I am Rory Earnshaw and this is why...

It's a little difficult to introduce today's interviewee without resorting to superlatives. I've tried and failed. What I will say is that his images evoke feelings of peace and serenity.

FP4 Party September 2016 winner announcement

Welcome to the beginning of dev week for #FP4Party #02!

EMULSIVE interview #93: I am Bobby Kulik and this is why...

If you believe when today's photographer says he's only been shooting film for the past four or five years, you're in the minority.

EMULSIVE interview #92: I am Chris Maliga and this is why...

Chris Maliga's work has been displayed up and down the US. His work is haunting, can be claustrophobic and often leaves the viewer with a feeling of an image half seen or absorbed.

Free download: large format camera grid overlay screen

In recent years I've turned into more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy. From starting leatherwork a few years back, to getting knee deep other crafts, hacks and mods.

52 rolls 2016 – Call for participants

One camera.

EMULSIVE interview #30: I am Matthew Hinther and this is why...

Seriously, what is it about Large Format photography that makes me want to literally dive in to an image?

EMULSIVE interview #10: I am Craig Pindell and this is why...

We're back again and this time we're sitting down with Craig Pindell, native of Cheyenne, Wyoming and (mostly) 8x10 nut philosopher.

EMULSIVE interview #9: I am Ray Rapkerg and this is why...

We're back for another look into the mind of a film photographer.