EMULSIVE interview #78: I am Johann Bottos and this is why I shoot film

We're here today with landscape photographer Johann Bottos, Italian native but (for the time being), settled in Austria Not to diminish the wonderful images and narrative below but Johan is what one might call a little nutty about mountains. Over

EMULSIVE interview #76: I am Melvin Mapa and this is why I shoot film

We often see the phrase "a long time coming" but what does that really mean? Well, in this case, it's nine months. That's how long we've been working on this with Melvin.

EMULSIVE interview #75: I am Kevin Luyo and this is why I shoot film

It's the beginning of May, spring is in full bloom (mostly), I for one can feel summer's imminent arrival - it's not soon enough. So, it seems like the perfect time to bring you the work of another young

EMULSIVE interview #74: I am Brian Miner and this is why I shoot film

35mm, medium format, large's interviewee takes it all in his stride, shooting developing and printing everything himself as he goes. Oh, and he's into year two of an ongoing large format 365 project.

EMULSIVE interview #72: I am Jeff Hao and this is why I shoot film

Continuing our theme of bringing you film photographers both long and not so long in the tooth, we're incredibly pleased to be able to introduce you to 19 year old photographer Jeff Hao and his work. As per the norm

EMULSIVE interview #71: I am Seth Harwood and this is why I shoot film

We grabbed some time to bring you the thoughts and images of Seth Harwood, South Dakotan and night shooter extraordinaire. There's plenty of stunning work for you to absorb below, so without further ado, it's over to Seth.    

EMULSIVE interview #70: I am Tim Heubeck and this is why I shoot film

We're really pleased to have been able to grab some time with the talented Tim Heubeck, a 19 year old photographer seemingly obsessed with black and white film and travel - a nice combination and great for producing the beautiful

EMULSIVE interview #69: I am Niccolò Bianchi and this is why I shoot film

It's that time of the week again and today we're sitting down with Italian Niccolò Bianchi (no, not the heir to the bicycle manufacturer...I think). Niccolò's been shooting film for around 5 years and is now firmly entrenched in

EMULSIVE interview #66: I am Jon Wilkening and this is why I shoot film

Grab a tall drink and make yourself comfortable. It's time for a little look into the journey of Jon Wilkening, producer and purveyor of the strangest and most mesmerizing pinhole photography I've ever been lucky enough to see - this

EMULSIVE interview #62: I am Sandeep Sumal and this is why I shoot film

It's that time again and today we're very proud to bring you not only the work and words of Sandeep Sumal, AKA Twitter's @givemeabiscuit, but also a slight change to the questions we're asking in these interviews.

EMULSIVE interview #61: I am Chris Wood and this is why I shoot film

Welcome to this week’s EMULSIVE interview, featuring the thoughts and photography of Chris Wood, recent convert (is that the right phrase?), to film photography. Over to you, Chris     What’s this picture, then? Jellyfish It’s one of my happiest