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Roy Fochtman
Hi, my name is Roy, and I am a photographer and filmmaker based in Köln, Germany. I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After I ended the high school I decided to change my way of life and move to Germany. I have been living in Germany since 2010. I studied “Media-Informatics” at the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne. I wrote my bachelor thesis about how film emulation software, like DxO FilmPack, achieve the style of old film and if photographers recognize the difference between a real film photograph and an emulated one. I mostly shoot street photography and work with both digital and film cameras. I am founder, cameraman and editor of "2BadMen", our own film and video production company.

Research: is there really a difference between real and simulated film...

To answer this question, I researched the foundations of film and digital photography; and which factors can influence the style of the results for my bachelor thesis.