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Author: Montague Fendt

5 Frames With… IMAGO Direct Positive Paper (EI 6 / 4×5 / Chamonix 45n2) – by Montague Fendt

My name is Montague, I was born in picturesque Basel, Switzerland but moved to Beijing in 2003, where I live and work as a director for film and advertising. In my personal photography work I only ever work on film. Lately I have been travelling around Europe with my Chamonix 45n2 camera and shoot experimental large format. Always on the lookout for the new and unorthodox, I discovered the IMAGO Direct Positive Paper ISO6 at Ars-Imago, the local analogue photography store in Zurich. It is the hardest film stock I ever shot with. The ISO rating drifts between 3-6...

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