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Keivan Cadinouche
French-Mauritian photographer who has long evolved into the world of advertising, Keivan Cadinouche is passionate of images and travel. For nearly 15 years, he worked on the theme of "insularity and timelessness" with playground the Indian Ocean islands of Rodrigues, Seychelles, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Reunion ... Fascinated by the analog black and white, he made his trademark. This approach allows him to return to the source, to the roots, to the light and give expression to the alchemy of silver crystals on the film. It takes a look uncompromisingly captures slices of life, out of the box and goes beyond the clichés.

My home: Mauritius Island – Keivan Cadinouche

When one flatters the beauty of Mauritius Island, one tends to quote the American writer Mark Twain who would have said, during a visit...