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Author: Joe Pitz

How-to: Build your own JOBO-style semi-automatic film processor: Pt.2 – by Joe Pitz

Welcome back to this guide on building your own JOBO-style automatic film processor. If you recall, in part 1 we build the water tank and assembled the film processor roller assembly; and installed the sous vide cooker, which acts as our temperature control. In this part we will be designing and installing the motor/drive system for the roller assembly. There’s a lot to cover, so lets dive in.       Design considerations There were two primary design concerns: the roller hardware controller and the software to operate the roller itself. I took into consideration that many photographers do...

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How-to: Build your own JOBO-style semi-automatic film processor: Pt.1 – by Joe Pitz

I have always wanted a Jobo film processor. For years the idea of having a temperature controlled water bath and a roller based agitation system sounded like the best way to process my film. But the cost of purchasing a new or even used Jobo it quite high. I just could not justify this kind of expenditure for a hobby. I am quite handy and decided I could build one quite easily using simple materials and low cost micro-electronic controllers. I also decided that I would document this process so you could make one too. Most of the construction...

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