Author: Jen Zehner

Jen Zehner is a NJ based fine art film photographer who seeks to capture the movement and energy of urban landscapes. Using film and analog medium format cameras, she makes fleeting moments tangible for the viewer, telling the story through use of light, shadow, lines, and composition. Ms. Zehner has been featured in several curations, both on the internet and in spaces across the country. After growing frustrated by the need to travel all the way to Brooklyn in order to use a public darkroom, she decided to start her own right here in New Jersey.

The Obscura Darkroom project – by Jen Zehner

In January 2019, I’ll be opening a public darkroom, Obscura Darkroom, in Newark, NJ. Located in the University Heights neighborhood, Obscura will provide open darkroom hours, memberships for unlimited facilities use, and classes for both adults and teens.