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I have had a relationship with photography for most of my 54 years, my Dad was a keen photographer and he got me started at a fairly young age with a 120 folder. I suppose since then I have always had a liking for 6x6 square format, which I still shoot on a Bronica SQ-A. For me photography is a fascination, I guess it is the right mix of technology and creativity and there is always something new to learn which is also true of my day job as a professional engineer and computer programmer.

5 Frames With… Fujifilm Pro 400H (EI 400 / 120 /...

I’ve been looking for a 120 ISO 400 colour film for a pinhole based project that I have in mind and whilst there is a good range of black and white and 35mm, choices are fairly limited for 120

Amazing canned food pinhole selfies (featured project and how to)

It all started with some idle musings between a few photographers. Some were expressing a bit of disdain for the "selfie generation", which triggered a chain of thought that lead me to a fusion of pop-art and selfies.