Author: Bernard Lim

My name is Bernard Lim and I'm 23 this year. I'm from Singapore and I'm currently still a university student. My first ever camera was an Instax 210 and I actually documented my trips to Indonesia, Taiwan, China and Nepal with it. You can view my collection at my website (below). On a related note, I was first introduced to film photography in 2016 when a supervisor at my workplace gifted me a point and shoot camera, and I've been hooked to it ever since. My dream is to one day have my photography zines placed in my favourite cafes so that people can enjoy coffee and photography at the very same time.

Bernard Lim's articles

Nothing to lose… My Indian road trip – by Bernard Lim

“I have nothing to lose.” This was what I thought to myself before clicking on the button that subsequently led me on a solo trip to Delhi and North India in July 2018. 2018 started off slow.