Benice Shofil

It's Benice, not Bernice. Let's get that straight. I was born in was known as Czechoslovakia in June 1932. My parents were immigrants who named me after the area of Prague where they first met. I studied in both Prague and Leipzig, and spent 50 years working in film, television and theater production. I am thankfully retired and I live in south west Australia with my husband and lovely three dogs.

Dear Benice 8: Cinestill, an Eastern-only delight?

Dear Benice, If I'm not in a big city in Asia shooting Cinestill film, am I really doing something right? Gudni ThorinorinssonSlushland Dear Gudni, Thank you for getting in touch with your concern, shared by many I’m sure.

Dear Benice 7: Landscape wedding photography?

Dear Benice My friend has asked me to take the photographs at his upcoming wedding as he “Knows I’m into that photography stuff”. What I’m actually into is shooting large format landscapes in utter peace and solitude, and I have

Dear Benice 6: Toxic GAS

Dear Benice I love engaging with the film community on the various social media sites, but increasingly these past havens are stressing me out. The reason? CameraPorn.

Dear Benice #2: Valentine’s Day love for a film photographer?

Dear Benice, As we head towards Valentine's Day, is there any advice you can offer a lonely landscape photographer to help me find love, and turn my life from a sad monochrome to a vibrant Velvia? Yours forlornly with film