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Author: Benice Shofil

Dear Benice 3: A little help on the road to LOMO?

Dear Benice, I’m a fine art large format photographer and have just heard of the LOMO scene. What is it and how can I get into it? Affluently yours, Benson Truttfram Scoffs, Ohayogozaimasu         Dear Benson, I’m so glad you dropped me a line as I do worry you’d end up in an existential crisis if you had to traverse the perilous journey into shooting LOMO all on your lonesome. But first, let me start with a little correction: it’s not LOMO, it’s Ленинградское Oптико-Mеханическое Oбъединение, or ЛOMO. See? You ask me a question and you learn...

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Dear Benice #2: Valentine’s Day love for a film photographer?

Dear Benice, As we head towards Valentine’s Day, is there any advice you can offer a lonely landscape photographer to help me find love, and turn my life from a sad monochrome to a vibrant Velvia? Yours forlornly with film, Nigel Barrel Upper Skeginton, Rishole     Dear Nigel, Thank you for your letter, one of many I’ve received on this very subject since my first outing here a few weeks back. There’s truly nothing quite like Valentine’s Day to remind photographers that the first word in SLR is Single, just like your poor self. The good news is...

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Introducing EMULSIVE’s agony aunt – Dear Benice #1: How can I let people know I’m still shooting film?

I’m pleased to be able to introduce you all to the wonderful Benice Shofil, who after much poking and prodding has agreed to join EMULSIVE as guest agony aunt. Before we jump into the first reader question, here’s a little bit about the lady herself: Benice was born in what was then known as Czechoslovakia in June 1949 to immigrant parents and was named after the area of Prague where they first met. Educated in both Prague and Leipzig, Benice spent her first “real job”, as she puts it, working in Prague’s long-established film industry. Initially working as a drapemaker,...

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