My Olympus OM-2 comes with me everywhere I go. I recently traveled around France and took this small but mighty camera along for the ride. It handles most shots perfectly however, operation can sometimes be fiddly and a separate light meter is often required.

When I got back, I missed the local area so much that I decided to take some photographs of the fishing boats which my town is famous for. The industry can look grim to others but Geordies are proud of the Fish Quay and you can often find beauty in unexpected places.

I live in North Shields in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the Fish Quay used to be the heart of our community. Unfortunately, trade declined and many of the fishermen became unemployed. Still, some of these boats remain and some of them are still functioning. This first photo is of the N.924 and you can see the perfect balance of the winter sun being captured on this amazing camera.

The next two photos are of the North sea just outside of the Tyne. You can really see the detail in the wood on the Fujicolor C200 and the long exposure shot of the rocks blends the water nicely (even without a tripod).

The next photo is in contrast to the others as it was taken on a different river further up from the Tyne and shows off Lewis the rowing boat. I love this shot as you can see my silhouette in the photo.

The final photo is of the iron gates that line the Fish Quay and show the true beauty of industry. The contrast between the solid iron and fluidity of the boats on the water is stunning. I am so glad to be back; this is my home and it may look grim to others but to me it’s beautiful.

I was so glad to have such great light in these photos however, this camera performs well in most conditions. I am a beginner in the film photography field however, I find the olympus OM-1N with the Zuiko lenses provide a great step up for newcomers.

~ Peter

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A beginner film photographer with a strong sense of home. I love to photograph the local area.


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