Last checked/updated: October 11th 2021

EMULSIVE is all about community. specifically, it’s about giving each and every single reader a voice with the same weight and value as everyone else.

As a reader of EMULSIVE, you help to create and shape this platform. You spark new ideas and offer different perspectives and alternative opinions. You are the glue that makes the community such a vibrant place; and make EMULSIVE a space for broad, intelligent and inclusive discussion.

Although this Community Guideline policy could be easily summed up in four words: don’t be an ass, it’s important to make it clear as to what that means.

This document gives you everything you need to know about EMULSIVE’s community standards.

Commenting on articles

Registered (ad-free) members and unregistered readers of EMULSIVE can freely comment on all EMULSIVE content at the bottom of each article page (the comment box appears under the heading “Add your voice to the discussion”).

If you are already logged in to EMULSIVE with your ad-free account, you can comment immediately. If you are not logged in, you may choose to comment using a social media profile, or manually enter your name and email. Your email address will never be published.

There’s no assumption that your comment will support EMULSIVE’s views or position entirely. This is to pay respect to you and your individuality. By the same measure, you should show the same respect to other readers of the site.

Not all comments on EMULSIVE are moderated but they are monitored. Comment moderators reserve the right to delete comments without notification or explanation and to report threatening or illegal behaviour to the relevant authorities.

The kinds of comments the moderation team will flag for deletion include:

  • Those deemed to be spam or solely promotional in nature.
  • Those including profanity, containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive. This may include abusive, threatening, pornographic, offensive, misleading or libellous language.
  • Those which attack an individual directly, as well as those comments which harass other contributing authors.

Let’s break it down:

Personal attacks, hate speech and inciting violence

There’s a distinction between lively debate and criticism of belief or style of writing and attacks on individuals.  Comments that are abusive to other commenters or our authors will not be tolerated.

Sexist, racist, homophobic, and other discriminatory language or views are not tolerated here and if you espouse them, you should be ashamed of yourself. The same goes for comments which are defamatory, malicious, threatening, false, misleading, offensive or abusive.

Comments which incite violence or appear threatening, or harassing will also be deleted, those users will be banned and details of the commenter will be passed to local authorities.

Bad language or indecency

Swearing is ok but let’s keep it at a U rating, please. Strong swear words will automatically be referred for moderation and normally deleted. Tying in with the previous section, any swearing directed at another user will automatically be deleted. There’s no secret that banning bad language raises the level of debate, please keep it clean.

Privacy & impersonation

Respect the privacy of other commenters and don’t include personal details – addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc.  Do not impersonate another user or reader in your comment.

You’re welcome to include a link to another website in your comment but please be sure the content complies with these community guidelines and is on-topic. Any comments including unsuitable links will be deleted and per the Terms of Use, EMULSIVE does not endorse any third party links unless expressly stated.

Comments deemed potentially defamatory or in breach of copyright, or libellous will be deleted. You are responsible for your comments and EMULSIVE will not accept any liability for their content or accuracy.

By contributing a comment you are agreeing to all the above and warranting that your comments are not defamatory, obscene or in breach of anyone else’s rights. This means generally that you must own the rights in everything you submit or must obtain permission from the rights owner to submit the material.


Comments intended to sell a product or promote commercial interests will be deleted.

Your privacy

All information collected by EMULSIVE is subject to this Privacy Policy.

Terms of use

By using EMULSIVE you acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use.

Changes to this policy

This policy will be updated periodically to reflect the way your information is collected and handled, or when new services/partners are used who make use of it. Updates will be sent out to readers who have a newsletter subscription, and they will also be reflected on this page.


If you have any questions or feedback on this privacy policy please email