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Travelogue: Hong Kong by Edwin Monico

I am a huge fan of EMULSIVE.org. I spend a lot of time reading and sifting through it.  It’s one of my favorite websites for film photography.  I travel a lot and I even download pages when I am traveling

Travelogue: Hong Kong – Luis Barrancos

I was visiting Hong Kong again after some years, and was caught by how the city's landscape had changed during that time.

Photography: Break time – Ilford FP4+ (120)

Break time Ilford FP4+ shot at EI 400 Black and white negative film in 120 format shot as 6x6 1+1/3 stop push          

Photography: Twin trams – Fuji Acros 100 (120)

2016-08-29 - Twin trams Fuji Acros 100 shot at EI 100 Black and white film in 120 format shot as 6x6      

EMULSIVE interview #84: I am Rory Power and this is why...

Today we're sitting down with 20-year old Rory Power. It's safe to say that he's been around a bit but I'll let him tell you that himself.