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5 Frames With… Ferrania P30 Alpha (EI 50 / 35mm /...

Walking in the woods, that‘s my thing. So taking pictures in the woods seems to come naturally (pun intended).

Photography: Outpost – Shot on Ferrania Solaris 400 (35mm)

Outpost Shot on Ferrania Solaris 400 at EI 400 Color negative film in 35mm format Lomography Sprocket Rocket          

EMULSIVE's most popular #5FramesWith articles of 2017

Earlier this year I started a new series of articles with Hamish over at 35mmc.

5 Frames With… FERRANIA P30 ALPHA (EI 80 / 35mm /...

With great anticipation, I unpacked my order of 5 precious rolls of FERRANIA P30 ALPHA and ventured out to test this film.

Every new film photography stock announced in 2017 (v6)

2017 has been a bumper year for film photography so far! This article provides a living record of all the new films announced in 2017.

Announcing FERRANIA P30® ALPHA – ISO 80 black and white 35mm...

PRESS RELEASE: 12pm EST Wednesday, February 1 2017 My name is Nicola Baldini, and I am the co-founder of FILM Ferrania, a film company created in 2013 with the aim of building a manufacturing base for the modern age.

EMULSIVE interview #125: I am whatsbehindthat and this is why I...

I'm happy to finally bring you an interview with the mind behind black and white Instax photography before there was Instax Mini Monochrome!

Travelogue: Antelope Island State Park with the Ferrania Rondine box camera

My aunt picked me up a 1948 Ferrania Rondine box camera (127 format!) at a yard sale a while back and it's been used sparingly over the years, mostly sitting on a shelf in my house gathering dust. I don't

Film stock review: AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 – 35mm format

AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 is one of two films previously sold under the AgfaPhoto brand (the other being the higher speed Vista 400).

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