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The CAMERADACTYL 4X5 field camera… “toying” around with large format photography...

I have always built cameras, machines and models for fun.

Creating Kosmo Foto Mono 100 – by Stephen Dowling

Kosmo Foto started life back in 2012 as Zorki Photo through my love of film photography. Some people collect Contaxes and Leicas; I collected Zenits and Zorkis.

Book: Studies of an ephemeral medium – by Mads Madison

Even though people keep asking me to create a book I've never really planned on doing so. All that changed after a conversation with good old Nils Karlson.

Photography: Focusing a lens on the mind and heart of a...

Street photography is a mercurial practice of ritual, patience, and spending endless hours with your own thoughts as you stalk a city’s sidewalks.

Book: Black Gold – by Tim Heubeck

In this article, I wanted to share a few more insights into my thoughts on photography as well as my new project, Black Gold.

Photography: Myopic Me – by Graeme Jago

The Myopic Me project started out, as most things in my life do, on a whim.

Ihagee ELBAFLEX: from conjecture to truth with Stefan Immes

It's been a busy few weeks in the analogue photography crowd funding world and the most recent entrant - the ELBAFLEX 35mm SLR from Ihagee - has polarised the community. Half the film photography community is split, with those on