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Today’s the day: Kodak EKTACHROME E100 release – UPDATE 6

UPDATE 05: Additional online store links added (Mein Film Lab). Hot off the press from EASTMAN Kodak and Kodak Alaris: EKTACHROME E100 is available starting from today.

Film stock review: Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X (5222) – 35mm format

EMULSIVE: By way of a quick preface, regular readers and followers of EMULSIVE-related ramblings on Twitter will be familiar with our Interview and Photographer's Daypack series should be familiar with Jonas Lundström.

Photography: Burning CHROME – Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X 5222 (35mm)

Burning CHROME Shot on Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X 5222 at EI 250 Black and white negative film in 35mm format