Dear Benice

Dear Benice 8: Cinestill, an Eastern-only delight?

Dear Benice, If I'm not in a big city in Asia shooting Cinestill film, am I really doing something right? Gudni ThorinorinssonSlushland Dear Gudni, Thank you for getting in touch with your concern, shared by many I’m sure.

Dear Benice 6: Toxic GAS

Dear Benice I love engaging with the film community on the various social media sites, but increasingly these past havens are stressing me out. The reason? CameraPorn.

Dear Benice #2: Valentine’s Day love for a film photographer?

Dear Benice, As we head towards Valentine's Day, is there any advice you can offer a lonely landscape photographer to help me find love, and turn my life from a sad monochrome to a vibrant Velvia? Yours forlornly with film