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Not for legal use: Polaroid passport photos on wet plate collodion

Wet plate collodion doesn't spring to mind as either the most practical or in fact, legal approach to creating passport photographs but that didn't stop EMULSIVE interviewee #196 Markus Hofstaetter from giving it a shot. Markus isn't a stranger

EMULSIVE interview #196: I am Markus Hofstaetter and this is why...

It's an absolute pleasure to welcome you all to join me falling into the words and work of a rather rare beast.

How to: An introduction to wet plate collodion

You might remember that we featured an interview with Robert Marsters some months ago.

EMULSIVE interview #95: I am Robert Marsters and this is why...

When the opportunity came up to grab some time with today's interviewee, I couldn't help but fall over myself to grab it with both hands. You see, Robert Marsters is a bit of a conundrum.