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Two years of EMULSIVE – a retrospective

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed readers and all of you who have no idea what this website is, welcome to two years of EMULSIVE! Time really does fly when you're having fun or in my case, burning film.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 22-25 update

Roll up, roll up! It's time for another update! This time I'll be taking you through week 22-25 2016, or as normal people say it, May 30th to June 26th.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 18-21 update

I started off my last 52 Rolls update saying I was BORED. Well, by the time week 18 (May 2-8, 2016) rolled around, not much had changed.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 14-17 update (bonus large format)

I'm bored. Photographically, that pretty much sums up the past few months for me. Yes I know it's probably not best to start off this update post with a lamenting and needy statement but there it is.

Campinas: o berço da fotografia mundial

Campinas é o berço da fotografia mundial. Sei que provavelmente você não conhece a cidade, e muito menos porque eu disse que ela é o berço da fotografia.

One year of EMULSIVE – a retrospective

Today is EMULSIVE's first birthday and what a year it's been!

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 Week 10-13 update

"What is this mysterious object in the sky? Why does it burn my eyes? What is this feeling on my skin?

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 06-09 update

Time for a look at the latest frames from week 06-09 2016 of my 52 Rolls project (not 06-10, as I incorrectly tweeted). The over/under exposure and push/pull/XPRO theme covered in my first update of 2016 continues unabated

Introducing EMULSIVE Community Interviews

It's all about Community. As photographers, we discuss, debate and evangelize our passion for the medium of photographic film, as well as the hardware and techniques wrapped around it.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 01-05 update

Hello one and all! It's been some time coming but I'm ready to share my 52 Rolls work to date for 2016.

A treatise on dealing with your film archive

UPDATE: This article is in sever need of an update.

Photography: Archive: June 2015

Here are all of the daily photos posted at EMULSIVE in June 2015.