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Looking back: what I learned shooting film for a year at...

We're very pleased to be able to simultaneously feature a review of Henry Joy McCracken's 2016 52 Rolls project here on EMULSIVE.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 22-25 update

Roll up, roll up! It's time for another update! This time I'll be taking you through week 22-25 2016, or as normal people say it, May 30th to June 26th.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 18-21 update

I started off my last 52 Rolls update saying I was BORED. Well, by the time week 18 (May 2-8, 2016) rolled around, not much had changed.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 14-17 update (bonus large format)

I'm bored. Photographically, that pretty much sums up the past few months for me. Yes I know it's probably not best to start off this update post with a lamenting and needy statement but there it is.

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 Week 10-13 update

"What is this mysterious object in the sky? Why does it burn my eyes? What is this feeling on my skin?

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 06-09 update

Time for a look at the latest frames from week 06-09 2016 of my 52 Rolls project (not 06-10, as I incorrectly tweeted). The over/under exposure and push/pull/XPRO theme covered in my first update of 2016 continues unabated

EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 – Week 01-05 update

Hello one and all! It's been some time coming but I'm ready to share my 52 Rolls work to date for 2016.

52 rolls 2016 – Call for participants

One camera.

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