Two out of three. A look at three bellows cameras from...

Most of my photo output is from digital cameras, although I have an abiding love for film. I recently bought some 35mm and medium format cameras online. Among these were three bellows cameras: an Agfa Record III, Voigtländer Perkeo I, Agfa Isolette.

Camera review: Canon EOS-1 – by Juan Gauna

I brought the Canon EOS-1 a couple of years ago and among all of the cameras that I have had and have been able to use up until now, it is still my favorite in the original analogue EOS series.

Camera review: The Pentacon Six TL, a (hopefully) comprehensive guide to...

The Pentacon Six TL is a phenomenon of a camera. When I first got mine, I almost fell in love with it, because I liked the idea of shooting 6x6 and was fascinated by the bulky yet somehow elegant design of the camera.

The Nikon F2: an everyday camera for the 21st Century

The F2 was Nikon's mechanical, manual flagship camera of the 1970s. Rugged and reliable construction along with a complete system of lenses, backs, viewfinders and other accessories made it the professional's choice.