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Street pigeons

Travelogue: Lisbon, a Saudade to modernity

Lisbon is a favorite city destination of French tourists. That's good for me, as I happen to be French was and a tourist there during the summer of 2013.
Mamiya RB67 - Keyboard - Ilford HP5+

Camera Review: Me and my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S – by Rob Davie

Having read a couple of reviews on EMULSIVE from proud owners of other medium format gear (Daniel J.

Add to queue: interviewing Ben Horne – by Rob Davie

  Introducing Add to Queue Welcome to the first in what I am hoping will become a series of articles each focusing on a particular YouTube video maker who specialises in film photography. First up is one of my absolute
Mamiya RB67 - Bars - Ilford HP5+

Photostory: Bars – Mamiya RB67 and ILFORD HP5 PLUS at the Yorkshire Museum of...

The York Photographic Society have a large membership of active enthusiasts, at least 50 or so.
Cover - Review - Rolleicord Vb

Camera review: Rolleicord Vb (aka everything you ever wanted to know about a...

Diane Arbus, Vivian Maier, Imogen Cunningham, Fritz Henle and Richard Avedon all shot with a Rollei.
Cover - Review - Zenza Bronica GS-1

Camera review: Zenza Bronica GS-1 – by Laidric Stevenson

I'll be talking about the least talked about model in a criminally underrated brand....the Bronica GS1.
Pentax 6x7 with lenses

Camera Review: Pentax 6×7 – by Daniel J Schneider

I added the Pentax 6x7 by to my collection in mid-2015, an addition so embarrassingly large that I kept the addition hidden from my girlfriend for a couple of weeks.
This was EMULSIVE month 4

Recap #4: September 2015 – decisions, decisions

Welcome one and all! That's month four under the belt.

Recap #3: August 2015 – the interviews cometh

Welcome one and all! That's month three of this EMULSIVE experiment over and done with.