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Camera review: Agfa Selectronic 3

What you see below is my Agfa Selectronic 3, the camera I'm reviewing today. It's a Pentax K-mount SLR released in 1980 and produced for only a few short years until around 1983.

My home: Mauritius Island – Keivan Cadinouche

When one flatters the beauty of Mauritius Island, one tends to quote the American writer Mark Twain who would have said, during a visit in the late 19th century,"Mauritius was made first and then heaven;

Add to queue: interviewing Ben Horne

  Introducing Add to Queue Welcome to the first in what I am hoping will become a series of articles each focusing on a particular YouTube video maker who specialises in film photography. First up is one of my absolute

Recap #3: August 2015 – the interviews cometh

Welcome one and all! That's month three of this EMULSIVE experiment over and done with.