Film Photographer Interviews

EMULSIVE interview #21: I am Andrew Hutchinson and this is why I shoot film

Today we're sitting down with Arizona based history buff and urban art aficionado, Andrew Hutchinson. Andrew is a man seemingly obsessed with rich, saturated color and light...beautiful light.

EMULSIVE interview #20: I am Riley Joseph and this is why I shoot film

Today I'm sitting down with self-proclaimed Canadian Gentleman, Riley Joseph. Slightly more comfortable in his photographer's skin now that he's had the chance to "settle in" to carrying a camera after 17 long years of trying, I'm hoping to

EMULSIVE interview #18: I am Joseph Gamble and this is why I shoot film

Have you ever seen an image that stopped you dead in your tracks? It last happened to me about a year ago, maybe more, maybe less. I was browsing an online gallery of desktop wallpapers, looking for something a little

EMULSIVE interview #17: I am Brittany Markert and this is why I shoot film [NSFW]

Photographers come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Contrary to (some people's) popular belief, not every young photographer jumps straight out of a related education program and straight into shooting for the NG.

EMULSIVE interview #14: I am Ray Larose and this is why I shoot film

It's rumoured that today's interviewee spends so much time on the water because he was sent by an ancient subsea civilization to spy on us dry-landers using German glass and 6x7 format cameras.

EMULSIVE interview #7: I am Lee Fennings and this is why I shoot film

This week I'm sitting down with Lee Fennings, a UK-based digital shooter, now just starting to shoot 35mm with his beautiful reconditioned Olympus Trip 35. Lee's a rather strange beast as far as digital street photographers go;

EMULSIVE interview #6: I am Antonio Biagiotti and this is why I shoot film

Here we are with another interview for you all. This time we're sitting down with the incredibly passionate Antonio Biagiotti. Hailing from Northern Italy, Antonio is a moslty medium format photographer working in 6x7 using his Pentax 67ii.

EMULSIVE interview #5: I am Jonas Lundström and this is why I shoot film

Today I'm very happy to have the opportunity to interview the incredibly enthusiastic Sprocket-Shooting-Swede, Jonas Lundström! Jonas is a bit of a force of nature when it comes to experimenting with and talking about film and I'm looking forward to

EMULSIVE interview #3: I am Roger Ballen and this is why I shoot film

Week 3 has flown in, which means another interview and another unwilling victim ecstatic guest to grill. I'm very, very pleased to have been able to grab some time with the venerable Roger Ballen;