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Author: Kay Adams

Featured project: Studies of an ephemeral medium – by Kay Adams

Even though people keep asking me to create a book I’ve never really planned on doing so. All that changed after a conversation with good old Nils Karlson. We were talking about why we love analogue photography and one point raised was “getting your hands on your work; feeling it”. Later the same night I was wondering about the way I work: shoot, develop (sometimes print), scan, upload. I thought, “if the end result is a digital image, what’s the difference to simply shooting digital?” Suddenly there was this need to lift my work back out of its digital...

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A call for imperfection AKA walking a thin line between creation and destruction

“All styles are good except the boring kind.” – Voltaire   Let’s get a few things straight before we go any further: I did not study photography and I don’t really consider myself to be an artist. Working as a clinical psychologist has the big advantage of me not having to please someone with my photos because I don’t need to sell them; what I do is purely for my pleasure. With what I do, it feels like walking a thin line between creation and destruction. Some might say my pictures are of artistic value, others make a comparison...

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Ein Vorstoß in der Dunkelkammer – Papierentwicklung mit Caffenol (und anderen Alternativen) – Dunkelkammer Alchemie mit Kay Adams

Analoge Schwarz Weiss Filme in Hühnerbrühe entwickelt? Genug Internet für heute… Keine alltägliche Kombination, aber laut eines Artikels den ich gefunden habe durchaus machbar. Und die Ergebnisse waren wirklich sehenswert! Natürlich weckte dies mein Interesse für alternative Entwickler. Nach kurzer Suche fand ich Berichte über Tee, Kaffee, Wein und sogar Urin.     Mit dem Kaffee in die Dunkelkammer Nach dem nächsten verschossener Film, und der Entdeckung, dass mein Entwickler mittlerweile eine braune Brühe war, gab ich Caffenol-C eine Chance. Die Ergebnisse waren herrlich, und der nächste logische Schritt (zumindest für mich), war die Entwicklung des Papiers in Kaffee....

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Getting to grips with darkroom printing using Caffenol (and alternatives) – Darkroom alchemy by Kay Adams

Analog black and white film development and chicken soup. Enough internet for today? An unusual combination, but according to an article I found online, chicken soup can be used to develop film. And the results shown were pretty decent! This find sparked my interest in alternative developers. So, I did some more research and found people trying coffee, tea, wine and even urine as a developer for film.     Getting coffee into my darkroom After exposing my next film, I discovered that my usual developer had turned into a brown soup. Having all ingredients at home, I decided to give...

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