My black dog: depression and my photography – by Rob Davie

Please be aware that some subjects and depictions in this story may be uncomfortable reading. I make no apology for that, but please go into this with your eyes open.

How To Shoot Street Portraits: A Practical Guide – by Anil...

Hello, my name is Anil Mistry. I love messing with both film and digital cameras and I shoot lots of street portraits.

Taking the leap: my journey from 4×5 to 8×10 photography –...

My first film camera was a Mamiya c330 system TLR.

Note to self: your street photography sucks

A quick note to readers I'm not talking to you. I wrote this (de)motivational diatribe to myself a year or so ago whilst in a bit of a photographic funk.

My take on: portrait photography by Clara Araujo

Portrait photography is something I've always enjoyed exploring, and I think the main reason for that is because as the photographer you can project so much of yourself when shooting people.

A treatise on dealing with your film archive

UPDATE: This article is in sever need of an update.

Thoughts: The life of a film camera; and all the lives...

This article isn't on photography per se, it's about cameras, it's about our cameras.

Minimalism in photography – by Darren Kelland

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", Leonardo Da Vinci   Minimalism of any form requires a degree of discipline... The discipline required is to recognize what is essential and is superfluous. So it is with minimalist photography.

Visualisation for film photographers by Richard Pickup

We're incredibly proud to bring you the first in what will hopefully be a new series of articles focused on providing a more educational look at certain aspects of film photography.

Photographic education goes beyond the camera

Teaching and learning are not bounded by institutions with classrooms. But the classroom should not be underestimated, either. With photography, we are in an unfamiliar space.

Analog [dis?]ability: photography as a tool for healing – by Scott...

Every time we pick up our cameras we probably take them for granted.

Thought piece: Utopia is in the moment – by James Horrobin

Today's rant is something that I've been trying to formulate for a while, it came to a head whilst I was walking around Saltaire with my girlfriend.

Permission to Create by Lisa DeShantz-Cook

I am no stranger to self-doubt. In fact, it feels as if I’ve stumbled through most of my life--save for my late teens when most of us think we know everything--with self-doubt at my side.

Analog [dis?]ability: adapt, overcome and adjust – by Scott Hays

If you boil a potato long enough; it will become soft. Boil an egg long enough and it will become hard.

A Day in the Life: London Street Photography with the Leica...

This article is part diary, part camera review, part lens review, and part film review, all based around my average day-to-day exploits as a film-based street photographer and photojournalist in London.

A love letter to motion pictures

My grandma would introduce me to her friends as "James the photographer" and I would whisper under my breath "'I'm a filmmaker,...

The Honesty in Film Photography – by Simon King

After some recent discussions with my peers, I've started to feel that "honesty" is an underrated quality in many genres of photography....

Where to from here?

We (almost) all put ourselves on display via the many and varied social platforms with our photography, writings, podcasts and whatever else....

Dream camera: My experiences buying a Nikon F6 from Japan Camera...

Everyone has a dream camera. I have...well, a dream team: a set of cameras designed to meet specific needs and moods, from the small to large formats.

My year on film in 115 photos: A 2019 retrospective or,...

What follows is my 2019 in film photography, a 365 photography project that was absolutely not a 365 project. In this article,...