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Secret Santa 2016 update: one month to goSecret Santa 2016 update: one month to go

Secret Santa 2016 update: one month to go

Secret Santa 2016 update: one month to go

Thanks for stopping by.

You’re either reading this because you’ve signed up for EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016 and are hoping for an update, or you’ve not signed up just yet and need a little encouragement. First for an update:

We’re happy to tell you that coming into the final month of registration, we’re up to 106 players from 17 countries. Thanks to everyone who’s joined in so far and give yourselves a hard pat on the back for helping this community project get so close to smashing last year’s exchange!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you all as we get closer to draw day, so stay tuned for more over the coming weeks!



What’s next?

This is the simple bit: share, share, share. Help spread the word and get as many people on board as possible. In addition, make sure that you post a message on the event board at Elfster and tell people what you want and what you plan on giving back in return. The more people know about you, the better chance you have of getting something you’ll be able to use!

We’ll making the draw on Thursday December 1st, or possibly a few days later. So please nudge, nudge, nudge away until then.

Once the draw takes place, you’ll be notified by email. We’ll also be posting on Twitter and Facebook to remind you, just in case it gets filtered to your Junk folder.

Remember that this is anonymous, so you won’t know who is giving you a gift. You will be able to send anonymous messages to your match once the draw takes place and we’d suggest you use the opportunity to find out a little about what they can and cannot use before sending your gift. After all, there’s no point sending 120 film to someone who only shoots Fuji Instax!

You’ll also be able to request clarification of address details from your match, so you can make sure your gift goes to the right place. Remember, the faster you send out your gift, the better chance your match has of getting it before Christmas Day.

We want to make sure that everyone is protected, so we’re asking you all to make sure you get a proof of postage and to make sure you take a photo of it for your records – we can’t stress this enough.

If you have ANY issues at all, please let us know using the contact page, or by sending an email to



Now for the encouragement

The premise of the EMULSIVE Secret Santa is simple; commit to sending a fellow lover of film photography a gift – with a value of at least US$10 – be it film, a cereal box camera, or perhaps something much bigger. You can read more here.

Registration is open until Monday November 30th 2015 and the draw will be made on or around Thursday December 1st 2016. Once the draw is made, you’ll be matched up with someone and you’ll be tasked with sending a gift to them. Remember that they might be in a different country to you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting involved:

  • Sign-up for the EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016 using Elfster, our chosen service provider.
  • Add your real name, your preferred internet handle, or something else.
  • Add some details about yourself, a picture (if you want), and details of what you want from your Secret Santa.
  • Wait until the draw and then jump into action and send your gift.
  • Wait…
  • Receive and share your gift on Twitter with @EMULSIVEsanta!
  • Really, it’s that simple. Sign up, add some info, wait, send, receive!



Things to remember

  • Confirm anything you need with your match using Elfster’s messaging system and get your package ready for shipping by December 9th 2016 at the very latest..
  • Remember to package responsibly and in the same manner you’d hope to receive something yourself.
  • Finally, GET PROOF OF POSTAGE. This little idea is reliant on trust. Everyone is taking everyone else for their word. If you don’t intend to send a gift, don’t take one from someone else.  We cannot stress this enough. 


Still have a few questions? Not to worry, leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Very much looking forward to this folks.




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  1. I’m on the fence on participating again: i love the concept and all, but one way… Ah f*CK I’m gonna sign up anyway

  2. This was so much fun. Looking forward to this year’s.

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  4. @EMULSIVEsanta @BelieveInFilm I’m in! Sounds like a grand time!

  5. @EMULSIVEsanta @BelieveInFilm all signed up. Now this is exciting

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  7. @EMULSIVEsanta @BelieveInFilm Now don’t get me all excited

  8. @EMULSIVEsanta @BelieveInFilm I also joined the secret Santa 2016.

  9. @EMULSIVEsanta @BelieveInFilm I would do this if it wasn’t so hard for people to send me things! Awesome idea though

  10. OK, I’m in and I will be characteristically generous. Let that be your encouragement to sign up. @EMULSIVEsanta


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