Introducing the PhotoMemo from Mike Padua and Shoot Film Co.

OK fine, I'll come clean. Twitter's favorite film photography patch, sticker and decal magnate Mike Padua got in touch with me a few months ago telling me he had an idea up his creative little sleeve.

Book: Earth Stands Still by Nils Karlson

We're happy to announce the latest project by past interivewee and friend of EMULSIVE, Nils Karlson: Earth Stands Still. Nils' interview remains as one of my personal favorites, so when he mentioned that he was working on a self-published photo

Let’s Explore Magazine Issue 01: The road to independent publishing

Let me get this out of the way: I unashamedly love Let's Explore Magazine. The idea, the platform, the Kickstarter campaign and the beautiful outpouring of support that was the result of Issue 00 hitting doormats the world over at

The EMULSIVE Global Film Lab Map (v9)

Update 09 - 2018-06-21: 334 labs / 56 countries58 labs added, 32 updated and five new countries on the map. Special thanks to Tibo Alberny and John Whitmore for their help cleaning up all the submissions.

Photostory: Never Forget 2006 – Craig Pindell

With his kind permission, I'm posting another one of Craig Pindell's Never Forget images and some of his words here today. About the project, from the man himself: “Like almost everyone I know, I can remember exactly where I was

Mumbai 03: Heat tempered

MUMBAI-Nothing comes easily in India. At times it feels as if everything from the bureaucracy to nature itself is out to thwart whatever you are trying to do.

Introducing #FP4Party – celebrating ILFORD FP4 PLUS

Sometimes things happen fast and sometimes they happen REALLY FAST. #FP4Party falls into the latter end of that speedy spectrum. What started out as a few comments on a post of one of my favorite Ilford FP4+ photographs quickly turned