The Arista Rapid E-6 kit: a guide to developing your own slide film

Before I jump into the guide, allow me a few moments to tell you the story of how I began shooting and developing slide film. Many years ago, while working as an employee of a transport and delivery company, I

Secret Santa 2016: announcing additional sponsors

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your 2 week warning! If you're reading this on November 17th 2016 then there are exactly two weeks left for you to register for EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016.

EMULSIVE x Billingham Community Interview: Submit your questions

It's time to introduce the fourth in our series of Community Interviews and open the doors for your contributed questions. The subject of interview number four should be familiar to some if not all of you out there;

攝影比賽: 贏得新的徠卡 SOFORT 拍立得和富士黑白 Instax Mini Monochrome 底片

為了慶祝富士推出了新的 Instax Mini Monochrome 黑白拍立得底片,傳奇的 Dan K 做了許多瘋狂的事並且決定贊助這項攝影比賽,而這項攝影比賽將會提供您一個贏得10包最新的黑白拍立得底片的機會。 光是如此還無法滿足他,他甚至為本次比賽的第一名提供了一台新的 Leica Sofort 相機 (橙色)。 您沒聽錯,您將有機會贏得10包 Instax Mini Monochrome 並且用最新的拍立得相機來拍它。 趁著 Red Bull 還沒失效之前讓我們趕快開始吧!     參加條件 如果您正在讀這篇文章,您可能已經注意到了我們發佈了關於這個新底片的文章 (世界第一!) 包含 評論 Instax Mini Monochrome 和 Dan 最近提及了一些關於 Instax Mini Monochrome 更加豐富多彩的特點。

My inspiration – by Tony Cearns

I am a film street photographer, inspired by my father’s deep appreciation of Henri Cartier-Bresson and particularly Robert Frank back in the 1960s. In the early 2000’s, like many, I drifted away from film and plunged into digital photography, excited

Instax モノクローム + Leica ゾフォート コンペティション

Instax モノクローム + Instax カメラで撮影した写真(フレーム付き)をJPGフォーマットにし、Eメールにてご応募ください。   賞品 1位: Instax Monochrome 10パック + Leica ゾフォート (オレンジ) 2位: Instax Monochrome 5パック 3位: Instax Monochrome 3パック 特別賞: Instax Monochrome パック   その際 応募作品のタイトル・カメラ・説明・撮影場所。 Eメールアドレス:。 ご住所(受賞された際、賞品をお送りするため)を明記しお送りください。 応募締切は2016年11月30日です。   応募作品はこちらのサイトにて掲載させていただくこともありますので、ご了承ください。

FP4 Party October 2016 – winner announcement and honourable mentions

We're sitting at the week before the start of FP4 Party #04 and that can only mean one thing: time to revisit the October's Party #02 and make a few announcements! You'll remember that we wrapped up the best of

Secret Santa 2016 update: one month to go

Thanks for stopping by. You're either reading this because you've signed up for EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016 and are hoping for an update, or you’ve not signed up just yet and need a little encouragement. First for an update: We’re

What makes a good picture?

...aka Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome Photo Contest addendum   Soon after we launched the Instax Mini Monochrome competition, a potential entrant reminded us that we had not disclosed the judging criteria.

Win a new Leica Sofort and film – Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome Photo Competition

UPDATE 2016-11-30: In recognition of supply inconsistencies so close to the global release of Instax Mini Monochrome, the judges have decided to extend the deadline until midnight on Sunday December 11th.

FP4 Party: Best of October 2016

Welcome to the 2nd #FP4Party after party, celebrating the #FP4Party that was October 3rd-9th 2016. As with FP4 Party September 2016, we'd like your help making the selection for...

Minimalism in photography – by Darren Kelland

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", Leonardo Da Vinci   Minimalism of any form requires a degree of discipline... The discipline required is to recognize what is essential and is superfluous. So it is with minimalist photography.

Mumbai Part 4: In which one requires a proportionate response

MUMBAI--India cannot be forced. India will not adapt to you. I am still learning the pattern and subtexts of interactions and could continue to learn them for several lifetimes to come.