Welcome to Film Photo Chat and Camera Detox

Welcome to two brand new film photography Facebook groups designed to create a space for long-form discussion between the EMULSIVE community, as well as fulfilling the idea of a trading platform, which was floated by members of the community in

My Return to Film: Todd Reed

In a high tech digital age, why have I chosen to go back to an older, somewhat archaic process of shooting film? In a simple statement - "It feeds my soul" For some strange reason, I have never been on

TMAX Party April 2017 – winner announcement

Welcome to the winner announcement for the first #TMAXParty for 2017! We received a total of 74 votes over the course of the voting period and whilst the winner ran away with 50% of the votes.

Finding film part 4: ILFORD FP4+ strikes back

Welcome back to my year long series discovering film stocks: finding film. This week’s article takes a slight deviation from the norm, in that I am using a film I have already used before; ILFORD FP4+.

Photography: On the range – Fuji Pro 160NS (120)

On the range Shot on Fuji Pro 160NS at EI 160 Colour negative film in 120 format shot as 6x6          

TMAX Party March 2017 – winner announcement

Welcome to the winner announcement for the first #TMAXParty for 2017! We received a total of 73 votes over the course of the voting period and whilst the winner walked away with 25% of the votes, second and third place

TMAX Party: Best of March 2017

Welcome to the best of #TMAXParty March 2017 and apologies to everyone who has been waiting patiently for this shortlisting to be published. As established by #FP4Party 2016, below you will find three short listed entries for each day of

My return to film: Ric Donato

When I talk or correspond with others about photography I do my best not to talk gear specs, instead directing discussion towards techniques with gear, usage, and other photographic concepts. Talking about which camera is better, whistles and bells is

My home: Mauritius Island – Keivan Cadinouche

When one flatters the beauty of Mauritius Island, one tends to quote the American writer Mark Twain who would have said, during a visit in the late 19th century,"Mauritius was made first and then heaven;

A call for imperfection AKA walking a thin line between creation and destruction – by Mads Madison

"All styles are good except the boring kind." – Voltaire   Let’s get a few things straight before we go any further: I did not study photography and I don’t really consider myself to be an artist. Working as a

Ein Vorstoß in der Dunkelkammer – Papierentwicklung mit Caffenol (und anderen Alternativen) – Dunkelkammer Alchemie – mit Mads Madison

Analoge Schwarz Weiss Filme in Hühnerbrühe entwickelt? Genug Internet für heute… Keine alltägliche Kombination, aber laut eines Artikels den ich gefunden habe durchaus machbar. Und die Ergebnisse waren wirklich sehenswert! Natürlich weckte dies mein Interesse für alternative Entwickler.

Finding film part 3: Czeching out Fomapan

Welcome to part three of my journey with film in 2017. As you read in part one and part two, throughout 2017 I'll be sharing my experiences with different medium format films and developers – all new to me.