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Welcome to #NEOPANtastic 2017 – Celebrating Fujifilm NEOPAN in all its variations and in any format of your choice

With the exception of a shortlist article covering the best of April, TMAXparty 2017 is all but over. Long Live TMAXparty!

At the risk of film party fatigue, it;s time to announce our next celebration: it’s time for #NEOPANtastic.

As ever, the rules are simple:

Shoot a roll or sheet of any version of Fujifilm Neopan, new or old in any format you wish during the “shoot week” listed below. FYI, This all started as a way of celebrating Fuji NEOPAN 400 but over the months, we’ve decided to encompass all of Fuji’s black and white films, as they technically all use the NEOPAN name: NEOPAN ACROS 100, NEOPAN 400, NEOPAN 400CN and NEOPAN 1600. Take your pick!

Share your results from your rolls or sheets on Twitter during “post week” using the #NEOPANtastic hashtag and by tagging @NEOPANtastic.

It’s as simple as that. We’ll* collect the best images submitted each shoot week and feature them right here on EMULSIVE for all to see.

Here’s the roster for this coming month:

May 2017
Shoot week: 8th – 14th
Dev week: 15th -21st
Post week: 22nd – 28th

…and some samples for you courtesy of Barnaby Nutt:

Fuji ACROS 100 - Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 – Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 - Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 – Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 - Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 – Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 - Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 – Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 - Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 – Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 - Barnaby Nutt

Fuji ACROS 100 – Barnaby Nutt


Looking forward to seeing what you all create!

* Judging #NEOPANtastic 2017 are: Barnaby Nutt, Iain JacquesSandeep Sumal and of course, yours truly.



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  1. great! This is my all time favourite film. Looking for some great long exp work from the #believeinfilm community.



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