I’m not sure exactly when I started referring to my photographs as “work” perhaps it’s the pretentious nerd in me.
When I started EMULSIVE, it was from a conscious desire to share stuff that I’d learned over the past few years. A big part of that, I decided, would be to share at least one picture each and every day. For me, that’s a rather hard thing to do. Not because of the volume of images I’ve managed to capture but because I don’t like sharing what I consider to be “bad” photographs.
…and trust me, I have a lot. In fact, here’s a good example:

#myworstphoto - Michael Jackson\
#myworstphoto – Michael Jackson\’s Hand – Wittner Chrome 200 (Agfa RSX 200)

I have no idea what I’m thinking.  Sometimes, I’ll find myself going “into the zone” when out and about.  If I was in the zone here, I never want to go back.
For those amongst you who have clicked through my daily photos here on EMULSIVE, or received an image from me as thanks for the follow on Twitter, or other social networks, you’ll know that they (mostly) take you to a slightly different website; my archive.
Nearly every single frame I’ve shot is on there and they’re all publicly accessible in one way or another. There’s still quite a lot left to upload and properly archive but it’s a rather large collection of (in my opinion) mostly mediocre shots.
What I’m saying in a rather long winded way is that whilst I prefer (like most shooters), to show my best and only my best, I made the rather uncomfortable decision to show you nearly everything aside from the absolute worst images I’ve taken.
It’s been rather liberating and regardless of how good, or bad you may feel these “seconds” images are, for me it has been an experience of absolute release.
And with that, I’d like to invite you all to join me over at the murkier side of the photographic world.
Email me, connect via Twitter, post to the EMULSIVE Facebook page, or use the Twitter hashtag #myworstphoto.
Let’s fill the world with the awfully exposed, frames and captured stuff we hoped others would never see.
I dare you, show me your worst.


  1. I feel your pain. So much Rollei IR400, so little opportunity to use it, or quality results! I’ve actually started using it (with R72 filter) for everyday shots. It’s given me better results than when I’m out on a planned trip somewhere!

  2. infrared film … (rollei 400 to be exact). I have been practicing getting it looking good in one location, one view, for ages. It doesn’t help that there is a limited number of days in the year the shot looks right (right light, right clouds, right wind, right leaves). Then I process it, and have to get that right. In the end, I have *lots* of shots that I hope no-one sees… and possibly, at a push, one that is presentable!

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