We got new mics…but didn’t understand the enormity of our incompetence and ended up recording the respective “other side” to our conversation while recording this month’s episode. What does that mean? Echo/feedback, I don’t know what to call it. Just remember, it’s not a problem if you ignore it.

We’ll try to have it fixed for August.

Hamish and I caught up to talk about his car’s diesel particulate filter, community gatekeeping, unreasonable expectations and photography workshops. I also ask if the content we’re creating really has any value beyond our websites as vanity projects…or something like that.

Before Hamish forgets we’re recording, we also get into the topic of editing other people’s photos without permission, the lack of grey area in most online discussion/debate. Understanding and respecting an opinion even if you don’t agree with it. It all gets to be a bit of blur apart from the part when Hamish gets a phone call from Visa Secure warning him of a suspicious transaction…

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~ EM (and Hamish)

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