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The Hypersensitive Podcast Episode 01: Disposable income

The “0” before the “1” in the title anticipating a run into the double digits should strike fear in the hearts of everyone reading this. It may not happen but you know, the chances are high when Hamish and I have nothing to lose.

Alternatively titled, “Leave Britney alone”, this month’s episode is out official “episode 1”. All of the issues with poor sound quality, terrible editing, drab conversation and of course rambling, fizzled out points should have been addressed. Sadly, they have not.

While Hamish and I make fools of ourselves for a second time, please bear this in mind: we are finding our feet, we may never get there, we mean well and sooner or later, everyone will stop listening.

This episode sees the actual appearance of the “very special” guest we tried to call in January. I’m so glad we managed to get a chance to speak with him and I hope you don’t think we prattled on too long.

Please leave your suggestions for next month’s topics in the comment’s section below and remember:

  • If you enjoyed it, it’s because it was my idea.
  • If you hated it, it’s because Hamish roped me into doing it.

Here’s how you can listen to what was recently described as the worst new podcast of 2018*:

Listen to the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast on Apple Podcasts
Listen to the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast on Soundcloud

Thanks for listening.

~ EM (and Hamish)

* Worst new podcast of 2018, although we actually launched on Jan 1st 2019…go figure.

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