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May 2018 film photography horoscope – ‘mystic’ help to better photographyMay 2018 film photography horoscope – ‘mystic’ help to better photography

May 2018 film photography horoscope – ‘mystic’ help to better photography

Hallo, Barry here. There’s a lot of astrological movement to ponder now we’re getting closer to the middle of the year. Although this might mean some turbulent months ahead for you fixed sign types, the price you pay for confusion will reap rewards in the later months of this year. For everyone else, opportunity awaits.

~ Bazza




Welcome to the best month you’ll have all year (unless your name has a “U” in it, in which case you have to wait until the Sun is in its third trimester and Jupiter/Neptune are in conjunction (December 2135). For the rest of you cows/bulls, buckle up, crack open your least used camera and load that extra special roll of film you’ve been saving – you know the one.

Bluebells and strongly backlit spring flowers are the name of the game (Autumnal flowers for you southern hemisphere dwellers).

May’s lucky film format is APS and your lucky camera is an early-2000s Canon IXUS.


Gems! Welcome back to the land of the predictable…kind of. This month sees Ketu in opposition to Lilith, which means that most of what you do this month will be opposite to your intent. Avoid poorly painted road signs and instead, gravitate towards pop-up stores selling novelty toilet paper.

This month’s lucky film is Fuji ACROS 100 and a talisman that could bring you riches is an empty canister of Kodak Ektar 25.


You. Are. In. Ascension!

But…being one of those signs that take a bit of time to get there, you may need to take a rest stop. Thankfully there are 28 – yes, twenty-eight – Lunar mansions for you to take your pick of. You can finally knock “that” shot off your bucket list this month but there’s a very strong chance you’ll have forgotten to take your film camera with you.

Your lucky lens this month is the Olympus 8mm f/1.8 fisheye and your lucky film is “In My Fancy” digiFilm.


Good on you for getting through April, Leo. Stickers play a big part in this month’s all-round-good-time, but if you don’t have any to hand by May 1st, you’ll miss out. Grab what you can, although officially licensed by Sanrio hold the best magic dust.

Be careful running around tight bends wearing new shoes. That grip you were cooing about in the shop doesn’t translate into the real world, especially at high speed.

This month’s lucky strap is an extra-long, flat shoelace (available at Amazon with free Prime shipping), and your lucky sponge is that fluffy-not-quite-felt stuff that sticks to the inside of your secret admirer’s Yashica T4 Safari edition.


Where are the cyanotypes, Virgo? Where? I thought we had an understanding?

With all the power of a broken dam, your lack of suitable motivation last month spills incomplete creative output into May. You’d better get a wriggle on finding the perfect angle to cut those flower stems. Those floral cyanotypes aren’t going to do whatever it is they do by themselves.

This month sees instant photography as your lucky format and emulsion lifts are your lucky process.


Shooting 7 frames over 7 lenses with 7 elements in 7 groups needs to happen this month, no matter what. No messing around, you need to make this happen. A Mars-Venus-Saturn stellium happens later this month, which puts you in the spotlight. Take advantage of all that energy radiating from you and go shoot some x-ray film.

This month’s lucky accessories are a focusing loupe and a pair of white cotton gloves. Both with look particularly awesome when you’re at “Back to da 90’s” and under a pulsating UV lamp. Rock that neon.


You are a fixed water sign. It’s a bit of a contradiction but seriously, I’m not making this up.

While you were having a laugh at Gemini’s duality last month, the other signs have been plotting against you. With this in mind, avoid everyone this month. This might suit you landscape photographer types but for those of you with actual lives, stay at home and take pictures of the pet(s) and those creepy looking straw donkeys you were given by a “friend” last year.

This month’s lucky focus distance is anything under 30cm and your lucky colour is Olympus Blue.


May is a great time for you to try something new and with Fuji certain to keep discontinuing film stocks, slide film is the way forward. Get yourself some fresh Velvia or Provia before it’s all gone and even if the results are terrible (they probably will be on your first, excited try), you can still tell your grandkids about how you “shot it all the time”.

This month’s lucky pudding contains rice and a flat tire will help you find new love.


Focusing this month’s energy on a build project of some sort will set you in good stead for the rest of the year. Although you may not finish it before 2018 draws to a close, the mere act of starting will open up a multitude of opportunities for the year ahead. It’s not what you do but that you do something.

This month’s lucky writing instrument is a pencil and writing material is a piece of paper.


A trip to the countryside is in your stars for this month. For city dwellers, this might mean five minutes standing on that tiny patch of grass you call the local park but don’t let that get you down. Beauty is always there if you take the time to look.

Pluto in retrograde means that now is the time to stock up on dog food; and a child holding a ridiculously large lollipop bring you the photographic opportunity of the century.

Your lucky film this month is Rollei ATO 2.1 and your lucky developer is Spur.


Feeling things have been a little wishy-washy so far this year? Yeah, so do I. Not to fret, the wet (astrological) weather is nearly done and you’ll be spending most of the next year baking under the drying light of glory. Don’t forget the wet wipes. This month sees success in the form of a slow zoom lens and please be careful to avoid party leftovers during the second half of the month. Those scotch eggs might look tempting but they’re filled with nothing but despair.

This month’s lucky socks are from Corrymoor and your lucky shampoo is anything from L’Oreal (because you are most definitely worth it).


You never listen, do you? Blockheaded rams will always go off and do their own thing, no matter what anyone says. Honestly, I should leave this blank for all the good my effort does.

There’s a thought.


Looking forward to your feedback, everyone. Have fun in May.

~ Barry “Stardust” Gibb


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  1. Hard to believe nobody’s lucky film was Lucky film.

    • I believe Barry had that tagged for someone last month 😉

  2. Hmmm…. I’m Virgo, and I have been thinking about Instant film for a while. How accurate

  3. Apart from the IXUS thing, toooo spooky !


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