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The best of #FP4party December 2017The best of #FP4party December 2017

The best of #FP4party December 2017

Just under a year after the sun set on 2016’s FP4Party, it’s back! Also back is ringleader and keeper of the asylum keys, Shawn Mozmode, who has also been spending far too much time on the @FP4party Twitter account.

Still, Shawn’s insanity has had the desired effect and whilst a “normal” film party will see anywhere between two and three hundred entries over the course of post week, FP4Party December 2017’s shoot week saw 783.

I’m going to let that sink in for a while.

The judges are naturally exhausted and I want to extend a very special thank you to Diz, Tom and of course, Shawn, for their tireless work not only running the FP4Party Twitter account but also in putting this shortlist together.

If you thought last week’s #DeltaDefJam November shortlist was tough to put together, just wait until you scroll down.

One last thing before you go: you only have until Monday January 15th to place your vote from the favourite submission from the 28 listed here.

Time to get stuck in!




December 18th 2017

Soperfect Images‏ – @SoperfectImages

No1. Making waves, Olympus OM2n
@FP4Party #fp4party

2017-12-18 - Russell Soper

2017-12-18 – Russell Soper


Michael D. Dunn‏ – @MDDunnPhoto

A day with Iris #fp4party

2017-12-18 - Michael D. Dunn

2017-12-18 – Michael D. Dunn


Jason Self‏ – @thisJasonSelf

Fragrant Stargazer
@fp4party #fp4party (1)
📷: #canhamdlc45
🎞: @ilfordphoto #fp4plus
⚗️: Rodinal (1:100) stand #believeinfilm

2017-12-18 - Jason Self

2017-12-18 – Jason Self


Tony Smith‏ – @AS0151

First one for #fp4party
Southport Pier on the one day of sunshine in shoot week. Nikon F4

2017-12-18 - Tony Smith

2017-12-18 – Tony Smith




December 19th 2017

Monobod‏ – @JohnScarbro1

@FP4Party 2. Whirling Silently in Space. FP 4 @ 125. DD-X Minolta 505si 28mm #FP4party #believeinfilm

2017-12-19 - Monobod‏

2017-12-19 – Monobod‏


Alejandro Mondragón‏ – @eldocmondragon

Portrait @FP4Party #fp4party #Believeinfilm #filmisnotdead @ILFORDPhoto @OldSchoolLab #LeicaM #leicacam #blackandwhitephotography

2017-12-19 - Alejandro Mondragón‏

2017-12-19 – Alejandro Mondragón‏


Nick Trujillo‏ – @ntruj

Bella – RSS 6X6F HC110 @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party #FP4party #BelieveInFilm #BlackandWhite

2017-12-19 - Nick Trujillo‏

2017-12-19 – Nick Trujillo‏


Ryan Keinath‏ – @keinath_ryan

(Vertigo) #fp4party #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead

2017-12-19 - Ryan Keinath‏

2017-12-19 – Ryan Keinath‏




December 20th 2017

Machine.Generated‏ – @okimaspambot

Day 3, We walk a crooked path. #FP4Party #Bronica etr-c #believeinfilm #ishootfilm #filmisnotdead

2017-12-20 - Machine.Generated

2017-12-20 – Machine.Generated


Tim …..‏ – @timdobbsphoto

Entry No.6 for #fp4party “”Follow the Path” .. Canon AE1 on ilford FP4+ @ 200 dev in ilfotec HC @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party #believeinfilm #Wales #Garwvalley

2017-12-20 - Tim Dobbs

2017-12-20 – Tim Dobbs


Ross Gaines‏ – @iriskrell

Day 3 of #fp4party
Agfa Isolette mk1
Ilford ID-11 1+3

2017-12-20 - Ross Gaines‏

2017-12-20 – Ross Gaines‏


Dustin Veitch‏ – @FaultyFlipFlap

Straight-faced Andy
Hasselblad 500CM + Proxar
HC110 Semi-stand
#FP4Party @FP4Party

2017-12-20 - Dustin Veitch‏

2017-12-20 – Dustin Veitch‏



December 21st 2017

Maite Pons‏ – @PonsMaite

I finally got my scans back! Here’s one of my faves. #fp4party #believeinfilm

2017-12-21 - Maite Pons

2017-12-21 – Maite Pons



Monika‏ – @DrMarsRover

From Housebound series
#FP4Party Day 4
FP4 | RSS 6×6 pinhole

2017-12-21 - Monika

2017-12-21 – Monika


Matthieu Dandoy‏ – @MatDandoy

I’ve some #fp4party to catch up now; Well this was done Rue des Barres, between the Saint Germain church and the Ile Saint Louis. I love the shapes of those old streets at night

2017-12-21 - Matthieu Dandoy‏

2017-12-21 – Matthieu Dandoy‏


Richard Pickup‏ – @richard_pickup

Waterfront in Snow
Yashica Mat 124 G
@FP4Party #fp4party #day4
@EMULSIVEfilm @ILFORDPhoto #500pxrtg #blackandwhitephotography

2017-12-21 - Richard Pickup

2017-12-21 – Richard Pickup




December 22nd 2017

Jason Self‏ – @thisJasonSelf

My only attempt at sculpture…

@Fp4Party #fp4party (day 5)

📷: #canhamdlc45 #4×5
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto #fp4plus
⚗️: Rodinal (1:100) stand

2017-12-22 - Jason Self

2017-12-22 – Jason Self


Rui da Silva‏ – @ryusilva

Day 5, 1st post
@ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party
#fp4party #mamiyac220 #BelieveinFilm #filmcommunity #blackandwhite #120film

2017-12-22 - Rui da Silva‏

2017-12-22 – Rui da Silva‏


Ross Gaines‏ – @iriskrell

Day 5 of the #fp4party
Taken on the M25 with the Oly 35RC balanced on the dashboard on bulb. I wasn’t driving.
Dev’d in ID-11 1+3.

2017-12-22 - Ross Gaines‏

2017-12-22 – Ross Gaines‏


Adib Mufty™‏ – @AdibMufty

Flippin flying flip!

Day 5 of #FP4Party
Entry No. #4

📷: #Hasselblad 500cm
🎞: #ilfordfp4

#FilmPhotography #blackandwhitephotography #streetphotography #ishootfilm #Chevrolet

2017-12-22 - Adib Mufty

2017-12-22 – Adib Mufty



December 23rd 2017

Max Weese‏ – @AnalogHobbyist

No. 4.
Mamiya m645 | 80mm f/2.8

2017-12-23 - Max Weese‏

2017-12-23 – Max Weese‏


Mary Smyth‏ – @MarySmyth13

Day 6 #1
Question to self: So exactly why didn’t you shoot FP4 before?
Self: Hangs head in shame😔
@FP4Party @ILFORDPhoto #FP4Party #mamiya7II #BelieveinFilm

2017-12-23 - Mary Smyth

2017-12-23 – Mary Smyth


Barnaby Nutt‏ – @BarnabyNutt

‘…so it’s goodnight from me…’

📷: #YashicaMat124G
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto #fp4party
⚗️: @ILFORDPhoto #IlfotecHC

#longexposure @FP4Party

2017-12-23 - Barnaby Nutt

2017-12-23 – Barnaby Nutt


John Whitmore‏ – @thedarkshed

Long exposure waterfall.

@ILFORDPhoto #ilfordphoto
🎞 : Day 6 #FP4party
📷 : #4×5 #largeformat
🌎 : #coventry #coombeabbey #thisiscoventry

2017-12-23 - John Whitmore‏

2017-12-23 – John Whitmore‏



December 24th 2017

Sławek Karwasz‏ – @karwasz

This little fella was born in the middle of #FP4Party shoot week. Is there any better way to document our life than medium format film?
Lubitel 166b, FP4+, Ultrafin T+, V500

2017-12-24 - Sławek Karwasz‏

2017-12-24 – Sławek Karwasz‏


Miguel Angelo‏ – @miguelangelo_me

Things do not always go as planned… I will probably not be able to post all images today.

My very small contribution to the party, from a dark, rainy day.

Nikon F100
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI-S
Ilford FP4 135 EI125


2017-12-24 - Miguel Angelo‏

2017-12-24 – Miguel Angelo‏



erik‏ – @ClickErik

Last round for me @FP4Party / Day 7 #FP4PARTY #120film

2017-12-24 - Erik Gould

2017-12-24 – Erik Gould



Ross Gaines‏ – @iriskrell

#FP4Party day 7
Last one. Taken with the Olympus 35RC again on the Weds of shoot week when it seemed any decent daylight would never appear. This is car park 2 at Addenbrookes Hospital.

2017-12-24 - Ross Gaines‏

2017-12-24 – Ross Gaines‏



Phew. How was it for you? Do you need a bit more time to decide? Please, be my guest. Once you’re set, all that needs to be done is to place your vote using the form below by January 15th 2018.

All that’s left for me is to give a quick nod to Craig Pindell for the cover photo, which was adapted from his winning entry to the very first #FP4Party in September 2016. Thanks again, Craig.





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  1. Congratulations to all the short-listed photogs, all of the photogs who took part and to the panel:)
    It was very hard, but I voted:)

  2. I’ve scrolled this article about 20 million times and I still can’t pick a fave

  3. HUGE thanks to the @FP4Party team for all the effort they put into this. And especially to @sdMozmode…

  4. Huge congrats to everyone shortlisted!

  5. Voted! One really made me stop and look when i first saw it. That’s what I voted for.

  6. So wait, out of 783 I made the short list of 28? That’s pretty damn dope. I’m deeply flattered!

  7. I’ve voted for my favorite. Thank you for including my photo on your shortlist!

  8. damn it! Why does there have to be so many good images? So hard to choose who I want to vote for…..

  9. The turnout was incredible. It was awesome to sit down and look at all of the images as they came rolling in each day.



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