The wait is over; it’s time to announce the community voted winner of December 2017’s #FP4party. The 783 images posted by you during post week were whittled down to 28 by the FP4P panel and of those, your votes went on to crown one winner.

…but before we get on to that, lets take a look at (joint!) second and third place.



3rd place

Dustin Veitch‏ – @FaultyFlipFlap

Straight-faced Andy
Hasselblad 500CM + Proxar
HC110 Semi-stand
#FP4Party @FP4Party

2017-12-20 - Dustin Veitch‏
2017-12-20 – Dustin Veitch‏



2nd place – joint award

Alejandro Mondragón‏ – @eldocmondragon

Portrait @FP4Party #fp4party #Believeinfilm #filmisnotdead @ILFORDPhoto @OldSchoolLab #LeicaM #leicacam #blackandwhitephotography

2017-12-19 - Alejandro Mondragón‏
2017-12-19 – Alejandro Mondragón‏



Maite Pons‏ – @PonsMaite

I finally got my scans back! Here’s one of my faves. #fp4party #believeinfilm

2017-12-21 - Maite Pons
2017-12-21 – Maite Pons



1st place

Rui da Silva‏ – @ryusilva

Day 5, 1st post
@ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party
#fp4party #mamiyac220 #BelieveinFilm #filmcommunity #blackandwhite #120film

2017-12-22 - Rui da Silva‏
2017-12-22 – Rui da Silva‏

“I had this idea of shooting this two sisters together for a while and I thought that FP4 would be the perfect choice, so I waited for the to make it happen. This photo almost didn’t exist because of the weather. It was raining during the shooting week and the day we did it, we were like ready to run with the gear in case it started raining 🙂 I would like to thank Marilyn and Raquel for their patience. I was shooting with three cameras and one tripod, so I had to repeat every shot at least three times and the floor was wet from the rain… Thank you girls, you rock!”

A huge congratulations to Dustin, Alejandro, Maite and of course, Rui. The short list for January’s event will be out very soon. Keep your eyes peeled on February 1st!




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  1. Can you please explain why the winner was chosen? It’s a great image for sure, but if this is about showing off the best of FP4, cpturing highlight details, smooth tones etc., then why did award it to an image that has blown highlights? There’s clearly no detail in the arm and in the left corners the highlights are blown. In the nicest way possible, isn’t the winners image an example of what ” not” to do when shooting FP4?

    • Kevin, the winning each image for each film party is chosen by the community through an open vote. As the first sentence in the article states:

      The wait is over; it’s time to announce the community voted winner of December 2017’s #FP4party

      (my emphasis)

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